2011 DCC Promotion

2011 Is almost over and time is running out on DeLaval's DCC Promotion...


DCC is a tool that can assist you in more profitable milk production. With the DCC herd management tool you can measure and monitor your cow, cow quarter or bulk tank somatic cell count in under a minute, on the farm. Take control of your cows’ mastitis. DCC gives you early mastitis detection, for cost-effective control of the spread of mastitis and easier herd management. Using the DCC helps you manage your herd to get the maximum amount of milk in your tank. Lower cell counts mean more milk.


DCC is a portable instrument and does not require external power, so you can use it whenever and wherever you choose. The start-up takes just a few seconds. To test, just draw up a small amount of milk into the cassette and insert it into the DCC. The sample result shows clearly as cells / ml milk on the display, just 45 seconds after the cassette is inserted.


Feel confident about your herd at any given time. You know your herd’s udder health with DCC. On-time information lets you take action pro-actively, to efficiently control the performance of your herd.Daily monitoring of the somatic cell count level and trends will give you in-depth knowledge of your herd’s udder health, a necessary base when planning for the future.For total work satisfaction, take the guess work out of modern dairy herd management and make the right decisions in time, every time.


The somatic cell count is an important indicator for milk quality and many dairies will pay you a bonus for keeping it low. The focus on this parameter is growing constantly around the world, because milk with a high somatic cell count means lower milk quality. As an example, to produce cheese you must have milk with a low cell count.


Your main udder health control parameter is the somatic cell count. A high number of somatic cells in the milk, indicates a high number of mastitis cases amongst the cows. Clinical mastitis is possible to visibly detect when the cell count is very high with clots in the foremilk for example but for every case of clinical mastitis there are between 10 and 40 cows with an undetectable subclinical mastitis.Elevated somatic cell counts, without visable signs of mastitis, can be an indication of subclinical mastitis. DCC makes it possible to detect mastitis infections at an earlier stage when it may be easier and more cost effective


The DCC accurately measures your herd, cow or cow quarter somatic cell count. DCC counts the somatic cells optically and automatically. A digital camera takes a picture of the somatic cells’ nuclei, which is stained in the cassette with a DNA specific fluorescent reagent and counts the cells’ nuclei one by one.


Some of the ways DCC could be used to improve udder health include: Earlier detection of sub-clinical mastitis - Treatment of mastitis at an earlier stage - Quicker recovery and less production loss - More efficient control of the spread of mastitis - Less risk of penalties or loss of bonus payment Dry cow management - Control which cow or quarter needs dry cow therapy - Less use and cost of antibiotics

Dry cow management: - Control which cow or quarter needs dry cow therapy - Less use and cost of antibiotics Efficient follow-up of fresh cow udder health - Earlier detection of infected cows for relevant treatment

TECHNICAL DATA: Size (w x d x h) 9.2 x 9.2 x 9.8 inches (235x236x249 mm) Weight: 9 lbs. (4.1 kg) Measuring range: 10 000 to 4 000 000 somatic cells/ml Operational temp. range: 50º F to 100º F (+10º to +40º C)Storage temp. range: 0 ºF to 150ºF (-20º to +70º C) Humidity range: 10% to 85% RHMilk sample volume: Approx 60 μl in the cassette Measuring volume: Approx 1 μl in the cassette measuring window Repeatability: 12% at 100 000 cells/ml 8% at 400 000 cells/ml 7% at 1 000 000 cells/ml


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