Smart selection gate SSG

Suitable for:

A well functioning barn is essential in the success of every DeLaval voluntary milking system. Cows must be able to milk regularly at any time of the day or night – while having good access to the feeding and resting areas.

Core benefits

  • Gives full control over cow traffic
  • Reducing cow-fetching time

Simplicity and flexibility

This herd management solution is a highly profitable investment and the perfect companion for DeLaval VMS and your cows. Choose your traffic options: pre-select cows so only those with milking permission are allowed in DeLaval VMS; allow all cows free access to the feed area; identify special cows for access to their own feeding area; regulate access to outdoor pasture and more.

Cows quickly learn how to use DeLaval SSG. It becomes part of their natural routine and will save you hours of unproductive cow fetching time. Cows can access the milking, feeding or resting areas of the barn at the right time. DeLaval SSG can deliver more milkings per cow per day, with more regular milking intervals – providing higher milk production and better cow health. Benefit from a professional barn layout today.

Built-in cow traffic control

Use DeLaval SSG to manage your cow traffic in real time right from the DeLaval VMS management software. Enjoy unbeatable flexibility and control by creating rules that make the system work the way you want it to. The generated reports provide you with valuable information on cow behaviour in the barn, to assist your management decisions.

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